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Paper light shades are a great option for anyone looking for an inexpensive, effective and attractive lighting solution for the home. These simple items produce a soft, even, natural light that cannot be created by other light shades - and at a fraction of the cost.

The iconic design of the paper light shade originated thousands of years ago in the Far East, where the Chinese conceived the idea of wrapping paper around a bamboo frame and lighting it from inside. Paper lanterns remain synonymous with Oriental culture, but this brilliant concept has since been embraced and developed throughout the world.

Electronically lit paper light shades now come in all manner of styles, colours and designs, with something to suit every room of the house. There are countless children's paper light shades available, as well as more sophisticated and decorative models that are perfect for lighting a lounge or dining room.

What about health and safety? Well, when set up correctly, paper light shades shouldn't pose a fire risk; if the bulb being used is of a suitable wattage and there is plenty of distance between bulb and paper, there's little danger of it catching alight - so don't fear!

This web site explores the various types of paper light shade available today, as well as dipping into the Eastern origins of the paper lantern design, providing some safety precautions and answering a few common questions about these popular products.

Different Types of Paper Light Shade

Choosing the right shade

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Paper light shades come in a variety of different shapes and sizes to suit all manner of budgets, ages and tastes. From the basic spherical design to the more elegant Eastern feel and even colourful shades for children, it is important that you pick the right product for you.

The simple spherical design is probably the most common style of paper light shade in the UK. These lampshades have been around for years and offer an affordable way to decorate your room and diffuse the light in a soft and subtle manner. The standard colour is white, but these products can be found in a whole range of colours.

If you are looking for something a little more elegant, there are a considerable range of Eastern style paper lampshades on the market today, some of which are even handcrafted to give them a truly authentic feel. Although these shades tend to be a little pricier, they look fantastic, coming in a range of shapes (triangular, hexagonal, square, etc) and sizes.

If you have young children, why not invest in a colourful paper lampshade, perhaps depicting some of their favourite characters? This type of shade is a great low cost way of adding some fun and colour to a kid's room; some of the more popular shades depict children's television shows and films such as Disney Cars, Toy Story, Hello Kitty, Ben 10, the list goes on and on.

One final option to consider is the paper floor lamp. This elegant style of floor lamp adds a great touch to any room and gives you the option of more subtle mood lighting during the evening. If you would like some guidance feel free to click through to our Recommended Buys page, which features all of the different designs covered in this article.

Benefits of Paper Light Shades

Why choose a paper shade?

There are such a range of light shades on the market these days, so why should you opt for the old fashioned paper design? There are a number of benefits to these lampshades that keeps them popular year after year.

One of the main reasons for choosing a paper light shade over alternative designs is their unique ability to diffuse light into a room. No other shade is capable of offering such a soft and even spread of light - paper shades are a great way to combat overly bright exposed light bulbs.

Another reason for their ongoing popularity is undoubtedly the price. If you are looking for a simple, white spherical paper lampshade then you can pick one up for only a few pounds. Even the more elaborate children's lamp shades can cost as little as five pounds, which is quite handy when you consider how often they can change their mind about their favourite TV show or film!

Finally, their compact fold away design is another factor that makes these shades a winner. Why not have a couple of alternative shades packed away in a drawer so you can swap every now and again? We're sure any child would be excited to see changes to the decor in their room, so you could apply the same philosophy with a number of kid's light shades.

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With the Chinese Lantern Festival taking place on February 5th (the 15th day of 1st lunar monthof the Chinese calendar), what better time to invest in a paper light shade?!

These affordable and practical lampshades are perfect for adding an Eastern ambience to a room - you could even try some different colours to really get into the Chinese spirit.


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